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Coexistence with Nature

Key Elements of Soka Education

“What is now needed most is for us to conquer our narrow egoism. For the sake of the happiness of both the self and others, each individual urgently requires a reliable philosophy of coexistence and a course of action. I am convinced that this is the key to successful preservation of the world’s environment.” (From A Dialogue between East and West)


●Conservation Lecture: students observe and
  research the natural environment around campus
  and learn about environmental issues relating to
  Japan, and about the Earth Charter.
●Institute of Natural Science and Education:
  promotes research on birds and plants and
  educates students about environmental issues
  directly related to their daily lives.
●NASA’s EarthKAM project: Kansai Soka Junior
  and Senior High School students participate in the
  EarthKAM (Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle
  School Students) project.
Exploring Nature at a Summer Seminar
Collecting honey at a
Summer Seminar
rice-planting during a
school trip
Interaction with animals Water lilies grown by