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Key Elements of Soka Education

“It has been my desire to see the Soka school students build a solid network of friendship like a bamboo forest. Each bamboo tree stands alone resolutely, yet they are firmly connected with each other by roots that remain invisible, forming one large organism. Therefore, even a severe earthquake cannot destroy a bamboo forest. I hope that you will create a strong network of human bonds, unshakable as a bamboo forest, to withstand our turbulently changing society.” (From Mr.Ikeda's speech at the sixth Soka School entrance ceremony)

Life in Dormitories

Soka schools include a boarding system with dormitories. For students who gather from abroad and around the nation, the Tokyo schools provide the Glory Dormitory and the Baseball Club Dormitory, while the Kansai schools provide the Venus Dormitory and the Victory Dormitory. Dormitory students learn to create a cooperative environment in which they work hard together and are able to polish their character. Many graduates who have had the experience of living in the dorms play a vital role in society in every corner of the world. They embrace with pride their status as former dormitory students.

Alumni Support their Juniors

Alumni return to their alma mater every year to share their experiences in society and talk about their studies at the annual Career Guidance Seminars. With a determination to open up a path for the junior students, these graduates are active in various fields as government employees, doctors, teachers, scholars, childcare givers, lawyers and in business circles. On every occasion, they enthusiastically volunteer to participate in this event as lecturers. Their desire to support junior students is represented by the way they establish various scholarships and encourage the younger students.

Elemntary school students from Kansai SOKA Elemntary School and Tokyo SOKA Elemntary School have joyful exchanges during a school trip

Interacting with friends
from overseas

Students introducing
Japanese culture to
overseas visitors

Soka school boarding

Dormitory students
studying together

Alumni Playing an Active Role in the World

Graduates of Soka schools consider their alma mater to be their “spiritual home,” and are connected through lifelong friendships in which they share a profound love for their alma mater. This friendship can also be described as a network of global citizens. Each of these individuals, who strive to create peace and happiness for humanity, has an active sense of mission in various areas and fields.

Dreams for the future

Career guidance