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Kansai Campus

Kansai Campus
“The Kansai Soka Junior and Senior High Schools are located in Katano, Osaka, an area filled with ancient romance and poetry. Katano is mentioned in the 11th-century The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon, and has been renowned for its cherry blossoms since the Heian period (794-1192). “On the other hand, the Kansai Elementary School, located in the city of Hirakata near Kyoto and Nara, is surrounded by bamboo forests and cherry trees.” (From an essay on the establishment of the Kansai Soka School by founder Daisaku Ikeda)
The Bell of Peace The new Man’yo (Myriad Leaves) Club
Man’yo (Myriad Leaves)
Cosmo Room

Kansai Soka Junior and Senior High School

Kansai Soka Elementary School

Senior High School

Kansai Soka Senior High School aims to foster global citizens filled with the founding spirit, humanity and the will to protect the environment, the dignity of life and peace. Through classes, club activities, dormitory life and various activities, the school endeavors to raise students who can actively engage in everything with pride and grace.

Kansai Soka Senior High School

Junior High School

The school emphasizes fostering capable individuals who have a sense of mission to contribute to the happiness and peace of humanity. It works to nurture within the heart of each student the determination not to build one’s happiness upon the misfortune of others.

Kansai Soka Junior High School

Elementary School

Upholding the motto, “Be bright, considerate and tenacious,” the school cultivates creativity through an appreciation for the Earth and the natural environment within the students, and seeks to instill a love of peace.

Kansai Soka Elementary School