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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
September 22, 2011

Fall evacuation drill

 The annual fall evacuation drill, which was observed by officials from the Toyohira Fire Station, was held on September 20. The drill began when the emergency bell rang and the director announced over the intercom that there was a fire in the kindergarten. Upon hearing the director’s order to evacuate the children of the sun donned their protective hoods and followed their homeroom teachers to the Prince and Princess Hall, making sure to listen carefully to their instructions. The children all held handkerchiefs over their mouths and safely evacuated the building, being careful not to breathe in the fumes. Most importantly, they remembered to observe the four promises: don’t push; don’t run; don’t talk; and don’t go back. Following the drill they listened carefully to a lecture given by the fire officials and watched a fire-prevention film. In the end the children promised not to start or play with fire. Children in protective hoods evacuating the building
”Fires are pretty scary!”
Paying close attention to the fire prevention film
Singing the alma mater song as a token of thanks