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Kansai Campus
October 13, 2011

Senior high school sports meet to commemorate the Day of Passion for Life

 A special sports meet was held on October 1 to commemorate the Day of Passion for Life. Blessed with gorgeous autumn weather, the students energetically repeated the athlete’s pledge during the opening ceremony, after which the games kicked off. The theme of this year’s meet was “Smiles”. The participants were divided into three teams: Red, Blue and Yellow. The event that got everyone really excited was the interclass relay race for each school year. The race between 1st year students was especially tight and came down to a close finish. The field was filled with bursts of applause and cheering, with students urging on their classmates as they passed the baton and worked to reach the finish line. Following the preliminaries held in September, the battle during the final race for the Founder’s award was also intense. The runners that finished first for each respective distance ? including the 80-meter, 200-meter, and marathon (multi-lap long distance race) ? were each awarded the champions cup. The final scores for each team were announced at the closing ceremony, with the pennant this year going to the Blue team. The meet ended with all of the participants joining in chorus to sing the cherished song “Makeji damashii kokoni ari (Our never-give-up spirit)”. As their bright voices of the students echoed in song across the mountains in the Katano region, the students basked in the lingering afterglow of a truly exciting sports meet.