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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
October 24, 2011

Parents Day in gymnastics class

The gymnastics classes enjoyed Parents Day on October 12 (junior students) and October 19 (senior students). Gymnastics is taught during childcare time by the gymnastics instructor and kindergarten teachers.
Parents and children had a lot of fun at the Prince and Princess Hall and the Nakayoshi Ground. The day was filled with activities, such as exercising on mats, jumping over vaulting horses, playing on the horizontal bars, doing ball exercises, jumping rope, and doing circuit training.
These happy children of the sun were all smiles in front of their parents, throwing themselves wholeheartedly into the activities.
One parent remarked “The children really surprised me. They're a lot more athletic than I thought”. Another parent seemed impressed with the strides the children have made, stating “I was pleased to see that the children have grown both physically and emotionally. The introduction of gymnastics class has been a big part of that”. We really appreciate all the parents that took time out of their busy schedules to come observe gymnastics class and make the day a resounding success.
As the year progresses, we have lined up a wide range of classes to help nurture the healthy growth of each child, such as eurhythmics and international time. We humbly ask all the parents for the continued support.