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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
October 31, 2011

Children enjoy international exchange meeting with JICA

On October 22 the children of the Sapporo Soka Kindergarten had a wonderful opportunity to interact with eight JICA trainees from seven countries (Fiji, Mongolia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Philippines) visiting Sapporo. A welcome party in honor of the visitors was held in the Prince and Princess Hall, and all the children took part. Representatives from the senior class started the party by giving a welcome address, after which they sang some songs and played the hand bells. Following this performance, representatives from the junior class presented a pendant to each of trainees. Everyone had a wonderful time, and all were particularly delighted by the musical performance of Edith Palma from Nicaragua, who played guitar and sang traditional songs from her country. After that, the trainees visited each class and played games like tamaire (throwing balls in the basket), as well as shared snacks together with the children. One of the trainees gave a glowing report, saying “It was the kind of fun you can only dream of. The Japanese style of education is truly wonderful. I was really impressed with the kindness and sincerity of the children”. Another trainee indicated a desire to come back to the kindergarten, stating “I’d love to visit again if time permits”.
Though the event lasted only a short while, each child had a truly wonderful time and became more interested in the world outside Japan.
We really appreciate the help of the staff members from the International Division, who always lend a hand with the translation every year.

Welcome to Sapporo Soka Kindergarten!

Playing hand bells to welcome the visitors.

Played a guitar and sang songs of Nicaragua.

Sharing snacks together.