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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
November 21, 2011

Crime-prevention class

On November 15 police officers from Toyohira Police Station visited the school to take part in our crime-prevention class. At the beginning of the class the children watched the video “Little Red Riding Hood, Check Check”. Following the video they listened attentively to the police officers as they described rules for staying safe and avoiding danger. The four basic rules they gave were as follows: 1. Make sure to tell your parents where you are going before leaving the house; 2. Go to the police box or a place where a lot of adults are if you get lost after dark; 3. Listen attentively to your teachers; 4. Cheerfully exchange greetings with people you meet everyday.
After hearing these four basic rules, the teachers told the children about the “Ika No Osushi (Squid Sushi)”. They then performed the “Ika No Osushi” dance together to raise their safety awareness.
Ika No Osushi
Do not go (Ikanai) - Do not go with strangers. Do not go to dangerous places.
Do not take (Noranai) - Do not accept offers from strangers. Do not get in a stranger’s car.
Shout loudly (Ookina koe wo dasu) - Shout loudly if you are in danger or feel afraid.
Run away fast (Sugu nigeru) - Run straight to a police box or place where a lot of adults are.
Tell (Shiraseru) - Tell adults, police officers, and people in your family.

At Sapporo Soka Kindergarten, a pair of security guards working in rotating shifts constantly watch over the safety of the children and school. They watch the front gate, patrol the grounds, check the door locks, and guide the students when they enter and leave the kindergarten. We will continuously employ a variety of measures to protect safety and security of each child.

Listening to the police officers
Dancing the “Ika No Osushi”

Thanking the security guard
Safely guide children during their commute