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Tokyo Campus
November 25, 2011

Sixth year students take part in second bridge program

Various measures and activities are being conducted within educational circles to promote coordination between primary and junior high schools. Soka Gakuen is an advocate of unified education and promotes a 12-year unified school program, from primary school all the way through senior high school, firmly rooted in the founding spirit of the schools. Each term Tokyo Soka Elementary School conducts partnership education programs, called “bridge programs”, with a junior high school. On November 25 we visited Tokyo Soka Junior High School as part of the second bridge program for the current academic year. After arriving at the junior high school the students visited the classrooms to take part in the opening ceremony, during which the deputy principal and principal of the junior high school each delivered a message. Following the opening ceremony, the students learned about school life at Tokyo Soka Junior High School and held small group meetings together. The day’s program then concluded with a tour of the school campus.

The trip to the junior high school proved to be a fruitful hands-on experience that all the students enjoyed.

The next bridge program will be held during the 3rd term. With graduation near at hand, we hope this bridge program will be an even more enriching experience than the previous one.