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Tokyo Campus
December 12, 2011

Opening of the Wakawashi Center

The former Library Wing has been renovated in conjunction with the establishment of the General Education Building and reopened as the "Wakawashi Center". At the opening ceremony a report of the renovation work was given, followed by a message from a representative of the student body conveying the student’s appreciation for this project. The ceremony concluded with the closing remarks of the school principal. Afterwards faculty and student representatives from the junior and senior high schools gathered to take part in the ribbon cutting ceremony to christen the center. The first floor is home to Wakawashi Hall, where light meals are served after school. Despite being the opening day, the hall was soon filled with students eager to see the new center after their club activities. They were surprised to see how the old wing has been transformed into a brand new facility, complete with a broadcasting studio, study rooms, and a career center on the second floor, as well as the Glory Hall (study room for learning about the foundation spirit) on the third floor.