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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
December 19, 2011

Enjoying the “Sunshine Kids Square”

The event “Sunshine Kids Square” was held on December 8 and 9. During this event special play corners are set up throughout the kindergarten. This term play corners were set up in each classroom and the Prince and Princess Hall.
The “Sunshine Kids Square”, which is put on for all grades and classes, is an event that children always look forward in eager expectation. Over the course of the two days the children visited their favorite corners, where they had a blast enjoying various activities.
The children were given a variety of different corners from which to choose. The Himawari (sunflower) class was transformed into the “drawing corner”, while the Yuki (snow) class was transformed into a “sumo stable”. A “karaoke and dance corner” was set up in the Hoshi (star) class for children that love music. The Sumire (violet) class played host to a “fishing corner”, while the Bara (rose) class was home to a lively “game corner”. There was also a “haunted house” in the Prince and Princess Hall, as well as a “handicraft corner” where the children made different crafts. After the initial announcement was given marking the start of event, the children of the sun all rushed out of their classrooms. There were children that conquered their fear and bravely entered the “haunted house”, while other children sang the songs that were performed at the Children’s Festival. The boisterous voices of the children reverberated through the halls of the kindergarten for the entirety of the event.
The “Sunshine Kids Square” is held for one day during the first term, and for two days in the second and third terms. The teachers think of corners that appeal to the children’s interests and help stimulate their growth. They then work together with parents to set up and run the corners during the course of the event. The kindergarten would like to express their appreciation to all the parents that helped to make this event possible.

“Sekai ga Hitotsu ni Na-ru Made-” (Until the World Is One)
Two young wrestlers battling it out.
“A clock? A pair glasses? Tough choice.”
Little painters hard at work