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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
December 26, 2011

Visit to Kosaka Hospital

On December 20, 32 children from the senior class visited nearby Kosaka Hospital.
Every year children visit the hospital to spread the holiday cheer, entertaining the elderly hospitalized there by singing, dancing, and playing the hand bells.
Prior to the performances of the children, a student representative delivered a hearty greeting and a few opening remarks. Next, the boys gave a choreographed group gymnastics performance, which was followed by a short play put on by the girls. The children then joined together singing and playing the hand bells, and everyone sang "Jingle Bells" and "Oshogatsu (New Year)". At the end of the visit the children gave the elderly patients and hospital staff tree-shaped key chains made by members of the senior class students. In return, the children were given picture books, which they were all delighted to receive.
The elderly were all smiles throughout the visit, and gave a big round of applause to the children at the end of their performance. Singing together, tears welled up in their eyes as they told the children what a wonderful job they did and how adorable they looked. The students enjoyed having a wonderful opportunity to interact with the elderly, with many indicating they would like to come again.

We are happy to announce there were no accidents during the second term. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the parents who help out behind the scenes to support the school life of the children at the kindergarten.
We hope that the children make the most of their time during this extended winter holiday, and humbly ask for your continued support in the upcoming third term.

Dancing and singing the "Thank-you Song"

Elderly patients applauding the boys for their
superbly choreographed gymnastics performance

Playing "Sekai ga Hitotsu ni Naru Made
(Till the World Is One)" on the hand bells

Singing "Oshogatsu (New Year)" and
"Jingle Bells" together

Taking a commemorative photo