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Tokyo Campus
January 4, 2012

Brilliant performances by the children

Happy New Year!
We hope the children are making the most of the winter holiday following the closing ceremony for the second term.
The students remained active throughout the months of November and December, putting in a number of outstanding performances at different competitions and events. Here’s a look at some of their achievements:

1. A third year student won a prize in the Doraemon Grand Prize Essay Contest.

2. A sixth year student won a prize in the Livable Earth Essay Contest, an impressive feat considering that a total of 2,541 entries were submitted.

3. Six works submitted by sixth year students won a prize in the Promoting Fair Elections Poster Contest held in Kodaira City. Two other works received an honorable mention. The winning works were on display at Kodaira City Hall until December 27.

4. Fifth year students submitted entries to the Environmental Poster Contest hosted by Kodaira City. Two entries won the silver award, and another two won the copper award. In addition, honorable mentions were given to 21 works, and awards in recognition of outstanding effort were presented to eight works.

In addition to all the hard work of the students, the efforts of the Japanese language class were also commended:
5. The Tokyo Soka Elementary school received a special incentive award in the Minnade Kirei Kirei (Everyone Keep Clean!) Contest, a competition sponsored by the Asahi Gakusei Shinbumsha designed to encourage kids to wash their hands and gargle.

We will continue to provide updates about the outstanding work of students in their activities, praising their efforts and enjoying the joys of school life.