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Kansai Campus
January 11, 2012

Kakizome event (the first calligraphy session of the year)

The annual kakizome event was recently conducted on January 11. Because the new Multi-Purpose Building is still under construction, the calligraphy sessions were held in the student classrooms. During the event first and second year students wrote sentences in pen, while third, fourth, and fifth year students used a calligraphy brush to write one of the three designated phrases for their respective grade. The three choices given to third year students were "未来" (future), "平和" (peace), and "大空" (the wide open sky). Fourth year students were given the choices of "元気" (vigor), "初心" (original intent), and "努力" (effort), while the three designated phrases for fifth year students were "成長の春 (spring of growth)", "強い信念 (firm conviction)", and "広がる夢" (expanding dream). Sixth year students all used a brush to write the phrase "勇気の道" (path of courage). Each student worked intently to carefully reproduce the characters in the phrase they had selected.
The calligraphy works of the students will be on display as part of the kakizome exhibit on the corridor bulletin board in front of each classroom from January 19 to 25, the period during which parent-teacher meetings will be held.