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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
January 24, 2012

Start of the third term

The third and final term of the school year started on January 23 (Monday).
The children of the sun, fresh from a long winter break in which they experienced tremendous physical and mental growth, gathered together to take part in the opening ceremony to kick off the new term. During the ceremony representatives from the senior class spoke about what they enjoyed doing during their winter vacation, as well as what they want to try hard to achieve in the third term.
Following the speeches by members of the senior class, the principal presented award certificates and trophies to the four children whose works had won prizes in the 38th Hokkaido Educational Art Exhibition.
Though it was their first day back at school, the children of the sun were full of energy and undaunted by the cold. They wasted no time in heading out into the snow and climbing the snow mountain that had formed in the Nakayoshi Ground.

The third term is always the coldest time of the year. We humbly ask for the continued support of the parents, and express our deepest appreciation for all their efforts in making lunches and providing for the children’s transportation.

Playing cheerfully on the snow mountain

Representatives from the senior class speaking
wonderfully at the opening ceremony

Congratulations to the prize winners!