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Tokyo Campus
January 27, 2012

Get-together with international students from Soka University

The third year students had a get-together with 15 international students from Soka University during “Peace and Human Rights” class, one of the school’s original subjects. The international students were first given a tour of the school, after which they took part in a discussion session with the third year students in the class. This session provided both groups with a wonderful opportunity to interact and speak with each other. The conversation was a lively mix of Japanese and English, with the third year students asking about Soka University and why the international students decided to come to Japan. Both groups also talked about their future dreams and goals. The third year students from the high school will soon graduate and enter Soka University, so they promised to meet up with the international students again when the new school year begins in April. At the end of the session the high school students expressed their gratitude by resolutely singing “Makeji damashii kokoni ari (Our never-give-up spirit)”. In return, the international students sang “If You're Happy and You Know It” in French, Hangul, Chinese, English, and Japanese. The friendly atmosphere helped make the meeting incredibly productive for all the students that participated.