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Kansai Campus
February 3, 2012

Kansai Soka Junior High School takes part in EarthKAM mission – Whose Earth? Our Earth

The Kansai Soka Junior High School recently took part in the ISS EarthKAM mission at the end of January. EarthKAM is a special education program sponsored by NASA that allows middle school students to take pictures of the Earth from a camera on board the International Space Station. This mission marked the 37th (consecutive) appearance for the school, setting a world record for the greatest number of times a single school has participated. The theme addressed by the project team during the last mission was “Whose Earth? Our Earth”. The team split up into multiple groups responsible for handling different parts of the mission, such as analyzing information in English, planning the web design, preparing the exhibit, and conducting studies on environmental issues. Over the course of the mission the students examined and conducted analysis on the photos taken and transmitted from the space station.