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Tokyo Campus
February 8, 2012

Third year students take a study trip to a local convenience store

The third year students have been working hard in social studies to examine the ways in which people shop. Currently they are focusing on a special topic called “Taking a Closer Look at the Way We Shop”. In their studies thus far they have conducted surveys of supermarkets in the neighborhood and researched the different shopping habits of people. Over the course of the last two weeks the third year classes have taken turns visiting the convenience store near the school.

During their visit to the store the students received a detailed explanation about the different goods that are sold, how the goods are transported, and the security system installed to prevent crime. The children listened attentively and asked a lot of questions about sales and store operations. The trip proved to be a fulfilling learning experience and provided the children with an opportunity to closely examine how stores are run.

The aim of this special study is to help children recognize the different measures taken by stores to enhance the shopping experience of their customers. Through activities such as trips to local stores, students will learn the distinctive features of supermarkets and convenience stores.