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Kansai Campus
February 22, 2012

Book-themed art exhibition

A special art class was recently held to help promoting reading among students. Students created works of art based on books they read. This class challenged students to come up with new ways to tell stories they know. Each grade was given a different set of art materials, which they used to create works that portray different scenes from books.
The first year students were given pastel crayons (a combination of a crayon and pastel) and gray cardboard to draw pictures of stories. The second year students created slightly more sophisticated representations of the books they read, using wires and paper to create their own lift-the-flap books. The third year students divided into groups and worked together to make picture-story cards. In contrast to the group activity of the third year students, the fourth year students each drew an individual self-portrait and inserted it into a recreation of one of their favorite scenes of a story. The fifth year students used woodblocks to create a multi-color woodblock print. Perhaps the most ambitious works were created by the sixth year students, who used their imagination and creativity with water colors to introduce different books.
The students’ works were posted on the bulletin boards of each grade. The parents who came to view these delightful creations praised the children for their exuberant creativity and ingenuity.