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Tokyo Campus
February 24, 2012

Jump rope competition bursting with energy

This week and next week the different grades at school are holding their own jump rope competitions. The second year and sixth year students held their respective competitions on Wednesday and Thursday, while the third and fifth year students both held their competitions on Friday.
This year’s competition followed the same format as last year, featuring a group event and elective events for each grade. In the group event the students all jumped rope the same way, while in the elective events the students selected one of three choices and competed individually. There was also a team event in which students were divided into small teams and jumped rope together using a long rope.
Students who won a prize in the group event received a gold medal, and the top finishers in the elective events were given an original badge.
It looks like all the practice the students put in during gymnastics class and recess really paid off. It was impressive watching the students work together to figure out the best way to form lines and strive to secure the best record.