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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
February 27, 2012

Enjoying Sunshine Kids Square

The Prince and Princess Hall and all the classrooms of the kindergarten played host to the third-term “Sunshine Kids Square” on February 16 and 17.
The classrooms were transformed into a wide range of fun corners where students could enjoy different activities and games. These included a “handicraft corner”, a “fishing corner”, a “karaoke and dance corner”, and “sumo corner”. In addition to these corners, there was a “traditional game corner” where students could try their hand at a number of classic games, such as fukuwarai (make-a-face game), ayatori (string figures), kendama (cup and ball game) and karuta (playing cards). There was also a “sewing corner”, where children were given the opportunity to use a needle and wool to sew together a cartoon character. Along with these corners, a number of sports-themed corners were set up in the Prince and Princess Hall, such as the “circuit corner”, “soccer corner”, “batting corner”, and “bowling corner”. The children of the sun had a great time playing at their favorite corners throughout the course of the event. Thanks to the help of the many parents that lent a hand, no accidents occurred during the two-day event.
The kindergarten would like to express its appreciation to all the parents who helped make this “Sunshine Kids Square” a resounding success.

Sewing corner

Traditional game corner

Circuit corner

Handicraft corner

Bowling corner