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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
March 8, 2012

Graduation Concert

On March 3, with their graduation ceremony a mere 13 days away, the children of the sun in the senior classes held a “graduation concert” to express their gratitude to the founder and their parents. The children sang songs, played hand bells, and gave speeches to thank all those who helped support their daily school life over the course of their first and second years at the kindergarten.
In addition to the performances by each class, all of the senior class students joined together to give a heartfelt rendition of the songs “Album of Memories” and “Good-Bye, Our Kindergarten”. To conclude the concert, they recited the three guidelines shared by all the Soka kindergartens around the world. The graduating children were showered with warm applause from the large audience in attendance.
The parents were also deeply moved by the children’s performances and conveyed how thankful they were for having the opportunity to see such a wonderful concert. One parent expressed their thanks for the concert and how impressed they were by the hand bell performance, commenting that the personal growth of the children brought tears to their eyes. Another parent indicated that the inspiring concert brought back memories of all the children had experienced during their time at the kindergarten, and said they were extremely thankful to the teachers for all they had done to help nurture the children.
On March 2, the students in the junior classes were joined by their mothers as they celebrated moving up to the next grade. The students had a blast watching their mothers dance, give puppet plays, and perform magic tricks.
All of the teachers are extremely grateful to the parents for lovingly watching over the growth of their children and providing such warm support during their first and second years at the kindergarten.

Sumire (violet) class, “Thank You”

Suzuran (lily of the valley) class, “The Roots of the Heart”

Sakura (cherry blossom) class, “Believe”

Himawari (sunflower) class, “Thank You from the Heart”

All the graduates singing “Album of Memories” and “Good-Bye, Our Kindergarten”

Teachers singing “A Sign that Shows We Loved You”

Mothers joining in the festive celebration

“Thank you for the all the support throughout the year!!”