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Kansai Campus
March 19, 2012

Students receive “Judge’s Special Award” received at “Let's speak Korean” national competition

On March 17, Mr. Junichi Nakayama and Mr. Ryudai Kitagawa, both of whom were third-year students that had just graduated the previous day, participated in “Let's Speak Korean – The Kumho Asiana National Competition” held in Tokyo. The pair won the “Judge's Special Award” in the skit category for high school students, and as a complimentary prize were also awarded a one-week study tour of Korea, which is scheduled to be conducted this summer. Mr. Nakayama and Mr. Kitagawa previously won the best award at the Osaka round held in February, and were specially invited to participate in the national competition. They gave a full report of their successes at the junior high and senior high school closing ceremony held on March 19.