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Tokyo Campus
March 27, 2012

Chancellor of Private Technical University of Santa Cruz and other representatives from Bolivia visit school

Tokyo Soka Senior High School invited Chancellor Antonio Carvalho from Private Technical University of Santa Cruz in Bolivia and Professor Juan Martinéz, former minister of education in Bolivia, to visit the campus for an exchange meeting with representatives of the student body. Members of the Tsubasa (wing) chorus club greeted the guests by performing the song “Haha (Mother)”. Following their performance, the sokyoku (Japanese harp) club delivered a rendition of the song “Tsuranaru (Standing Together)”. Next, the students presented the guests with “a token of friendship” and various works of art they had created, after which a student representative delivered a message of welcome in both Japanese and Spanish. In response, the chancellor gave a speech and Prof. Martinéz spoke about the importance of “loving life”. After the ceremony, the sokyoku club presented a CD recording of their performance to the guests, who were very pleased to receive such a generous gift. The students that participated in the meeting enjoyed this valuable opportunity to interact with world leaders.