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Tokyo Campus
April 10, 2012

School hosts the principal and other representatives from the Taipei College of Maritime Technology

Principal Ting-Yang Liu and three other representatives from the Taipei College of Maritime Technology in Taiwan recently visited the school. They received a hearty welcome from representatives of the student body, who were predominantly third year students studying Chinese. The guests were given a tour of the school, and were shown areas such as the exhibition space on the sixth floor and the Keisetsu Library on the second floor. Following the meeting, the distinguished guests met with members of the faculty, after which they participated in an exchange meeting with student representatives in the Glory Hall on the third floor of the Wakawashi Center. During the exchange meeting a clarinet ensemble from the brass band club gave a performance to welcome the guests. In response, the principal expressed his gratitude by singing his favorite song.
After the lively musical session, the students and guests took part in a question and answer session. One student asked, “What can we do to bring about peace in our world?”, to which the principal replied: “In order to further the peace movement, you must first develop your inner self. Second, you must devote yourself to realizing the happiness of others. Finally, you must take assertive action towards bringing about human happiness. I believe it is extremely important to always consider the welfare of all mankind. This fundamental approach is perfectly in line with the education philosophy advocated by the founder.” In his message, the principal revealed that he has high expectations for student growth and the development of Soka Gakuen. At the close of the meeting, the students presented Principal Ting-Yang Liu with a “token of friendship” from the school.