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Kansai Campus
April 12, 2012

New student welcome meeting

All the students gathered together on the World Ground under a gorgeous blue sky to joyously welcome the new students. The first year students were escorted by sixth year students, who held their hand as they entered the ground. The festive occasion kicked off with the annual piggyback jenkka, in which the sixth year students gave the first year students a piggyback ride as they danced about rhythmically. The first year students had blast parading around on the backs of the sixth year students. Following this fun session of playing and dancing, the sixth year students delivered a welcome message filled with joy, after which the second year students hung the pendants they painstakingly made around the necks of the first year students. In response, representatives from the first year class cheerfully expressed how excited they were to enter the elementary school. Their words were greeted by warm applause that rippled across the ground. The parents of first year students also took part in this joyous meeting, smilingly watching over their children as they had a great time with the other students.