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Tokyo Campus
April 13, 2012

Kibo club initiation ceremony

The fourth, fifth, and sixth year students recently assembled in the Ikeda Gymnasium to hold the Kibo (hope) club initiation ceremony. The Kibo clubs are groups devoted to conducting different activities at school.

At the beginning of the ceremony the students affirmed the six principles of the Kibo clubs, as well as learned about the proper way for conducting club activities. Deputy Principal Iizuka then accepted the new admittees and introduced the teachers in charge of the different clubs. Following the teacher introductions, student representatives from the Rocket soccer club stood before students with eyes brimming with hope to express their goals. Principal Taniguchi closed out the ceremony and encouraged the children to strengthen their bond with the founder through the club’s activities.

Following the closing remarks from the principal, each club met together to elect their club leader. In addition to selecting their leader, the members also discussed the details of the club activities for the year.
Club activities will start full swing beginning next Monday.