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Tokyo Campus
April 25, 2012

The first parents’ meeting

The first parents’ meeting of the new school year was recently held.
First a general meeting was held in the Ikeda Gymnasium, where the parents were briefed on the “new emergency contact system”. Following the briefing, the student department spoke about school life and asked for the support of the parents. The deputy principal then introduced the new teachers and discussed the activities planned for the year. At the end of the general meeting the principal spoke about how hard the students have been working since the new school year began.

After the general meeting, the parents were divided into groups by grade and then by class. Each group held a small meeting in which they learned about the curriculum and details of school life for their child’s grade, as well as received information about upcoming activities.
The school aims to help students further enrich the founding spirit and heighten their motivation towards learning. Working together with the parents, the school is confident the students will make tremendous strides this school year, both physically and mentally.