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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
April 26, 2012

Niko Niko Hiroba begins

The “Niko Niko Hiroba (Smile Square)”, a new activity time the kindergarten began for toddlers this school year, was held on April 18 and 25.
Children in both the Hiyoko (chick) class and Usagi (rabbit) class all looked a little nervous on their first day of kindergarten. However this sense of nervousness soon melted away, and the kids had a blast during the short activity time. They played hand games with the teachers, made paper crafts, and ate some delicious snacks. At the end of the session the children and teachers gather together for a commemorative photo.
Niko Niko Hiroba is held once a month. The kindergarten hopes that the children will enjoy the next session as well. .

Making little “paper carp streamers”

Making an origami tulip

Commemorative photo of the Hiyoko (chick) class

Commemorative photo of the Usagi (rabbit) class