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Tokyo Campus
April 27, 2012

School hosts representatives from Mary Baldwin College

Professor Daniel Metraux, Professor Jim McCrory, and thirteen students from Mary Baldwin College visited our school to observe the Soka Gakuen style of education. Mary Baldwin College is a prestigious private college for women in the United States. This particular visit marked the seventh time Professor Metraux has come to our school (the last visit being in April, 2010). The guests were first given a tour of the school by a group of female students, after which they enjoyed a nice chat with the students over lunch. In the afternoon, the sokyoku (Japanese harp) club gave a performance in the Houyu Kaikan to welcome the guests. Following the performance, the guests were taken to the Victory Hall to meet with student representatives from the junior and senior high schools. In addition to expressing his high hopes for the continued growth of the Soka Gakuen students, Professor Metraux delivered the following words of encouragement: “I’m very moved by the strong spirit each and every one of you possesses. You are all precious individuals that will shoulder the burden of your country’s future. Japan is currently facing a number of difficulties, such as economic stagnation, which are largely attributable to the Great East Japan Earthquake. While these difficulties will eventually subside, there is little doubt you will encounter new difficulties in future. Nevertheless, today you showed us your impressive spirit, determination, and friendship, three important qualities essential to succeeding in life and serving others”.