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Kansai Campus
May 2, 2012

Special “MoonKAM” class

Mr. Katsutoshi Ikeda, a teacher at Kansai Soka Junior High School, visited the school on May 2 to host a special class about “MoonKAM” for fourth year students.
MoonKAM is the world’s first educational program conducted outside the Earth’s orbit. This program allows students around the world to explore the surface of the moon using cameras mounted on the lunar probes launched by NASA.
The class began with questions about how lunar craters are created and the small lights that appear in photos. Students were fascinated by the successive photos and images Mr. Ikeda displayed on the electronic blackboard.
At the end of the class, student representatives entered lunar surface images they had selected into the camera’s program. This class provided them with an opportunity to dream about the infinite expanses of outer space.