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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
May 11, 2012

First term Parents Day and class meeting

The first term Parents Day and class meeting were held on May 8 and 10.
This occasion represented the first Parents Day for the students in the junior classes. The parents enjoyed watching the children as they held their morning meeting and ate their lunch. At the kindergarten we deeply appreciate all the hard work the parents put into making delicious lunches. The children were all smiles as they provided their parents with a glimpse of school life at the kindergarten.
In the senior classes, the children made handicrafts that will be used in the upcoming athletic meet in June. At the end of Parents Day, all the students gathered together to sing the song “Haha (Mother)”. Following the performance, each student presented their mother with a large square card on which they had drawn the face of their beloved mother.
The kindergarten would like to express its gratitude to all the parents who came for Parents Day and took part in the class meeting.

Enjoying a delicious lunch

Making handicrafts

Singing “Haha (Mother)”

“Thanks for everything you do Mom!”

Fun-filled morning meeting