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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
May 15, 2012

Tulip picking outing

The annual tulip picking outing was conducted on May 11, right around the time the tulips at the Blue Sky Farm were blooming beautifully.
The tulips had been planted for the new students by the children who graduated from the kindergarten in March this year. Members of the junior class walked hand in hand with members of the senior class as they picked tulips together on their first visit to the farm.
The children of the sun had a wonderful time picking the colorful tulips blooming in red, yellow, and white. They cheerfully sang the tulip song, “♪Saita, Saita, Churippu no Hana ga…(Blooming, Blooming, the Tulips Are Abloom) ♪”.
All students took one tulip home, which they gave as present to their mother as a present.

Kindergarten cherry blossoms in full bloom
The carp streamers flying vibrantly in the wind heralded in the month of May. The cherry blossom trees in the kindergarten and the surrounding area are all blooming now, helping to signal the arrival of spring.
The Haha Zakura (Mother Cherry Blossom Tree) that watches over the children of the sun as they play on the Nakayoshi Ground is now in full bloom. The buds of Waga Ko Zakura (Cherry Blossom Tree of Our Child), or a double-flowered cherry tree, are also slowing beginning to enlarge.

We got a beautiful tulip!!

Senior and junior class members resembled pairs of siblings as they pick tulips together.

Carp streamers flying vibrantly in the blue sky

Likeness of the school seal made out of tulips

View of the cherry blossoms in full bloom and the kindergarten building

Buds of the Waga Ko Zakura (Cherry Blossom Tree of Our Child)