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Tokyo Campus
June 1, 2012

June emergency drill

The school conducted an emergency drill that simulated the occurrence of an earthquake in the middle of class.
During the routine morning meeting, each class discussed how best to prepare for evacuation and ensure their own safety in the 10 seconds that immediately follows the emergency announcement of an earthquake warning.
The drill started with the countdown to announce the imminent arrival of the earthquake. After the students listened to the emergency announcement, which was something they had never heard before, they took the plan of action they had discussed during the morning meeting.
After they ensured it was safe to evacuate, all the students swiftly moved to the Hogakara Garden. The firefighters from nearby Kodaira Fire Station who had come to observe the drill praised the students for their outstanding performance. In addition, they also received instruction from the firefighters on how to use a fire extinguisher.

Following the drill, the fourth year students, who had studied the basics of fire fighting in their social studies class, were give the opportunity to take part in a “hands-on fire fighting simulation”.
First, the students learned how to call 119. They used a fake phone to practice calling a firefighter and calmly report the current status of the fire.
After practicing how to make a phone call, each class took turns visiting the three different corners that been set up. There was one corner that portrayed the fire station, one about life as a firefighter, and one about the fire engines. The students eagerly asked the firefighters lots of questions about the things on display.
The children’s eyes were full of amazement as they gazed at equipment and uniforms they had never seen before. They had a blast trying on the fire-fighting clothing and handling the equipment on the pumper truck. This experience provided the students with an opportunity to apply what they had learned in class while having a lot of fun learning about so much more.