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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
June 1, 2012

Senior class spring trip

On May 25, four senior classes went to Otaru Aquarium for their spring field trip.
There had been some concern about the weather, but by the morning of the field trip the clouds had disappeared. During the one-hour bus ride the children had a lot of fun playing games and answering quizzes. When they arrived at the aquarium, children received a warm welcome from a big turtle, and then enjoyed walking around and looking at a variety of fish. They cheered as they watched shows featuring cute penguins, a walrus, and a South American sea lion, were captivated by the dynamic performances of the dolphins and Steller sea lion. Following the tour, the children enjoyed a delicious lunch together under the bright blue sky. The kindergarten would like to thank all the parents for the support they provided on this field trip.

Dynamic performance of a Steller sea lion

Commemorative photo

Walrus show

Cheering loudly during the dolphin performance