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Tokyo Campus
June 8, 2012

Exchange meeting with international students taking a special course at Soka University

The international students enrolled in the special course for Japanese language education, or Bekka students, recently visited the school for an exchange meeting with the fourth and fifth year students.
The Bekka students were first divided into small groups and taken to the classes of the two grade levels. There they received a warm welcome from the children, who entertained them with songs and fun games.
After their visit to the different classes, the children showed the Bekka students around the school. The fourth year students have recently practiced being a “good guide” in Japanese class, so they tried to understand the feelings of the Bekka students and speak slowly in a manner that was easy for them to understand. They also carefully considered the various points they should mention to the Bekka students when showing them around the school. The children and Bekka students quickly opened up to each other and were reluctant to part, with many of the children saying they would like to see the international students again.
This special occasion enabled the children to feel that they were a part of the international community. More importantly, it provided them with valuable memories they will cherish for the rest of their lives.