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Tokyo Campus
June 12, 2012

Second year students experience life in the workplace

A group of 220 second year students (44th student class to enter the school) had the opportunity to experience the working world from May 29 to June 1. This project formed part of their career education, and was made possible by the cooperation and assistance of 71 companies in neighboring cities such as Kodaira City and Kokubunji City. The students were divided into small groups and dispatched to different companies, where they spent two to three days doing real-life work.

The students put a lot of time into preparing for this project. They talked together about the reasons why people work, and discussed important things to observe when approaching work. They had also learned about business manner and etiquette, and worked hard to develop their communication skills. Following this hands-on-experience in the real work world, the students sent letters of thanks to the companies to which they had been assigned. They also created newsletters to recount the time they spent in work world. This opportunity provided the students with an incredibly rewarding experience, which was reflected in the comments made by students. One student stated, “I really enjoyed this unique opportunity because it gave me a chance to experience things I normally would never be exposed to”. Another student said stated this hands-on experience showed them “how rewarding and tough work can be”. A few students described what they learned, stating they “discovered how import teamwork is” and that “many things were far more complicated” than they had imagined, while some indicated they were “surprised by the diversity of work” and “tasks they never knew existed”.

The school also received a lot of positive feedback from the companies that took part in this project. One company stated “the students were very cheerful and fresh, quick to learn and extremely hard working”. Another company commented that “the students were polite, energetic, and always wearing a smile on their face”. One particular company indicated they were pleased with the contributions the students made, saying “the honest opinions and ideas these young people gave taught us quite a lot”. The school would like to sincerely thank all the people who helped make this special learning possible.