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Kansai Campus
July 4, 2012

Schools hosts representatives from the Macau International Adolescent Promotion Plan Association

Kansai Soka Junior and Senior High School hosted Ms. Guan Huibing, the director of the Macau International Adolescent Promotion Plan Association, accompanied by 37 teachers and students from three junior and senior high schools in Macau on June 26. The welcome reception was held in the Kansai Soka Gakuen Ikeda Auditorium.
The reception started with a welcome speech delivered in Chinese by second-year student, Ms. Kayo Ohashi. After the speech, welcome performances were given by the Leonard choir singing a song “Hoyu (Friends)” in Chinese, with the brass band club bravely performing “El Cumbanchero.” Following these performances, a student representative from Macau showed a video on the large LCD TV in the auditorium and gave an introduction on Macau in English. Then, memorial gifts were presented to the guests. Ms. Guan Huibing delightedly stated, “This second visit to Kansai Soka Gakuen is very productive for Macanese students. Through this opportunity to directly talk with Japanese friends, Macanese students can broaden their perspectives and cultivate mutual friendship.” At the end of the reception, all the Soka students together sang the school song, “The Banner of Glory,” in hope of further deepening mutual friendships.