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Kansai Campus
July 7, 2012

Sixth year students try indigo dyeing

The sixth year students recently tried their hand at indigo dyeing, using the indigo grown from the seeds they had planted and carefully tended in the farm allotted to their grade. First the children tore the indigo leaves off the branches and firmly kneaded them to produce indigo blue. Each student dyed two handkerchiefs: one for a friend at Tokyo Soka Elementary School whom they will reunite on the school trip this September, and the other for themselves to keep. Because there are a variety of methods for dying, the students were encouraged to exercise their ingenuity as they created their handkerchiefs. In addition, the students learned the Japanese four-character compound, “従藍而青 (Ju-Ran-Ni-Sho)”. This compound literally means that “although the blue dye comes from the indigo plant, it is bluer than the source”, figuratively alluding to the idea that “the pupil ultimately surpasses the master”. The students kept this thought in mind throughout the entire activity.