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Tokyo Campus
July 9, 2012

Track club students participate in Tokyo athletic competition

As regional representatives, six students of the track club participated in the 51st Tokyo Junior High School Athletic Meet, which was held at Edogawa Stadium on July 7 and 8.
All the participating students competed well. Mr. Imamura proceeded to the semifinals in the 100-meter sprint for first-grade men; Mr. Kushida placed forth in the running long jump for first-grade men; and the group of Mr. Imamura and Mr. Kushida (both first-year students), along with Mr. Hiyama and Mr. Takeuchi (both second-year students), participated in the 400-meter relay for lower grades. Meanwhile, Mr. Iijima, a third-year student, joined the men’s 3,000-meter race for all grades, and Ms. Kuroki, a second-year student, entered the 100-meter sprint for second-grade women and the women’s running long jump for all grades.
The students will take part in the National Tsushin Athletic Meet to be held on July 21 and 22. We look forward to seeing their great performances again.