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Tokyo Campus
July 12, 2012

School hosts representatives from Georgia State University in the U.S.

The school welcomed a group of 18 students from Georgia State University in the United States who are on a short-term study abroad program in the Japanese language at Soka University. Two or three high school students accompanied one international student to tour the campus and introduce Japanese culture. At the Arts Wing, the sokyoku (Japanese harp) club gave a great performance, and then the international students joined to perform a traditional Japanese folk song, “Sakura Sakura” (Cherry Blossoms, Cherry Blossoms), on the Japanese harp. Even with very minimal practice time, they managed to play the Japanese harp, which they had never seen before. They were quite satisfied with their performances. In addition, in a calligraphy class, students from the calligraphy club, which is to take part in a national competition, exhibited their calligraphy work and instructed the visitors on how to use a calligraphy brush. At the end of the class, the international students themselves used a calligraphy brush to stylishly write a character of “希望” (hope) on a paper fan. This exchange meeting provided valuable experience to both the students of Georgia State University and Soka Gakuen.