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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
July 12, 2012

Pleasant short trips

On June 24, senior classes embarked on a short trip to the Takino Suzuran Hillside National Government Park. There, they first reached the “Kids’ valley,” then walked around the “Nest in the woods.” There was a secret bypath containing various tricks, making the children quite excited. They also passed over a shaky suspension bridge, which caused many a pounding heart. After eating onigiri, rice balls, for lunch, they moved ceaselessly around the field and enjoyed playground equipment such as the “Soft and fluffy egg” and “Bikkuri balls.” They all shared a pleasant time in the great outdoors under a blue sky.

Then, on July 5, junior classes visited Kawashimo Park and enjoyed playing in the water. The children of the sun played with a handmade octopus in the 170-meter-long runnel, named the “Canal,” coupled with shouts of joy. They were feeling at ease splashing in the water. At lunch time, they enjoyed delicious onigiri in the park.

Both of the trips successfully ended without any incidents. The kindergarten is grateful for the parents’ support, especially for the senior trip, which required an extension of nursing time.

Passing over a suspension bridge in the forest (Senior classes)

Enjoying playing in the great outdoors (Senior classes)

“Playing with water is fun!” (Junior classes)

Eating onigiri together (Junior classes)