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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
July 26, 2012

Hosting teachers from Soka Happiness Kindergarten in South Korea!

Eight teachers from the Soka Happiness Kindergarten in South Korea, including Principal Da Gyeom Lee, visited our kindergarten on July 23 (Mon.), the day on which the closing ceremony was held to mark the end of the first term. The guests had a wonderful time meeting with the children. They first toured the Ikeda Nature Square, after which they headed to the kindergarten building. As they entered the building, they were given a warm welcome by children in the senior class waving Korean flags and Happiness Kindergarten flags.
At the welcome reception, student representatives from the senior class delivered a simple greeting in Korean, while the senior class girls performed a welcome dance. The efforts of the children delighted the guests, who showered them with applause. Next, the children presented the guests with commemorative pendants as well as bookmarks they had made by hand as presents for their Korean friends. Upon receiving these gifts, Ms. Lee stated, “We will share the delightful memories you gave us today with your friends at the Soka Happiness Kindergarten back in Korea”. Following the reception, the guests were divided into small groups and went to different classes, where they had a wonderful and memorable time interacting with the children, eating lunch, playing together, and riding on the kindergarten bus.
We are pleased to announce that there were no accidents during the first term. The kindergarten would like to express its appreciation to all the parents who help support the school life of the children at the kindergarten.
We pray the students have a safe and enjoyable summer vacation.

Welcome to Sapporo Soka Kindergarten! “Annyeonghaseyo!”

Touring the Ikeda Nature Square

Presentation of the commemorative pendants

Playing hand games with the teachers from the Happiness Kindergarten

Speech by Principal Lee

Enjoying lunch together