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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
August 10, 2012

21st Century Alumni Meeting

The kindergarten hosted its 21st Century Alumni Meeting on August 6 (Mon.) and 7 (Tue.).
The first year elementary school students that recently graduated this past March met on August 6. The following morning fourth year elementary school students (who graduated 3 years before) got together with their old classmates, while in the afternoon first year junior and senior high school students (who graduated 6 years before and 9 years before, respectively) came back to the kindergarten. The purpose of this annual meeting is to encourage former students to gather together every 3 years, beginning with the year they graduate from the kindergarten.
This meeting brings together a large of number of graduates from both near and far, from Hokkaido to places as distant as Tokyo and Osaka. At each meeting a student representative from each grade gave a presentation, after which the alumni had fun playing games together. In addition, this year the Hokkaido Kiraboshi Choir gave a special performance during the meeting of the fourth year students. Principal Kadouchi delivered words of encouragement, saying “No one would be more delighted to see how much you have grown than the founder Daisaku Ikeda himself”. Former principals of the kindergarten from the years in which the alumni attended also took part, bringing smiles to the faces of many of the participants.
After the meeting, the alumni spent time taking commemorative photos and chatting with their old classmates and teachers. Even though the event lasted only a short while, they thoroughly enjoyed this memorable occasion.
The kindergarten is deeply grateful to all the students and parents that came to this year’s meeting. We look forward to seeing everyone's smiling faces again three years from now.

Commemorative photo

Having fun chatting together in the classroom (1st year elementary school students meeting)

Performance by Hokkaido Kiraboshi Choir (4th year elementary school students meeting)

Singing the kindergarten song everyone fondly remembers (1st year junior and senior high school students meeting)