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Tokyo Campus
August 12, 2012

Calligraphy club makes its first appearance at Calligraphy Performance Koshien

The high school calligraphy club recently made its first appearance at the 5th High School National Calligraphy Performance Competition (Calligraphy Performance Koshien), which is hosted by the Calligraphy Koshien Executive Committee. The competition was held at Kawanoe Gymnasium in Ehime Prefecture on July 29, with Tokyo Soka Senior High School the last of the 19 participating schools to perform. When it came time for the club to the perform, the members entered the gymnasium and walked towards a giant sheet paper, four meters wide and six meters long, laying in the center. The students fired themselves up by shouting “Hai! (Here we go!)”, and then set about to applying brush strokes to the paper to the beat of a popular song, racing to finish within the six-minute time limit. They exhibited a tremendous amount of technique and brilliant creativity, putting forth their best effort to create a work which featured the phrase “Makeji Damashii (never-give-up spirit)” in big kanji characters. When they finished, people in the stands cheered and uttered cries of awe. In the months leading up to the competition, the club students sought to enhance the level of spirituality reflected in their work while maintaining a healthy balance between their studies and club activities. The club’s guiding principle is “humanity transferred directly to calligraphy”. The students pledged to draw upon this experience and use it as catalyst for personal growth, stating that they intended to hone their calligraphy skills through further spiritual refinement.