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Tokyo Campus
August 24, 2012

Using electronic blackboards to conduct teacher training

Teachers from Kansai Soka Junior High School conducted a trial class for teachers from the other Kansai Soka Gakuen on August 22.
This class was part of the summer teacher training session for all the teachers from the elementary, junior high, and senior high schools in the Kansai Soka Gakuen. The theme of this particular session was “efforts to implement electronic blackboards along with digital textbooks and learning materials in the classroom”.
The teachers that took part in this training session were impressed by these new learning tools. Many teachers commented on how easy they were to use. “The textbook can be enlarged and is easy to read”, one teacher stated. Another teacher indicated how they enjoyed the variety of resources. “The wealth of material can be displayed with a single click”, the teacher said, “which makes it easy to pull up information for students”. The day concluded with a discussion and question-and-answer session on how to use these digital tools to conduct class, as well as what kind of educational benefits they offer.