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Tokyo Campus
August 25, 2012

Soka Gakuen holds Education Class Series and Future Class Series

The 12th Soka Gakuen Education Class Series was held on August 25 (Sat.) to a large turnout of parents and families. There was a total of 20 classes, with nine classes being held in the morning and 11 classes in the afternoon. Grandparents had the opportunity to be “a Soka student for a day”, and enjoyed sitting at desks next to their grandchildren and learning with them. We received words of encouragement from a number of students, with some indicating they always look forward to taking part in this series and how eager they are to come back next year. Soka Gakuen is always delighted to hear how much participants enjoy this class series.
On August 26 (Sun.), Soka Gakuen conducted the Future Class Series for students preparing to take the junior and senior high school entrance exams. The Class Series provide them with a trial class in which they can experience what learning is like at Soka Gakuen. Once again, we received a lot of positive feedback from the participating students. One student indicated how much he enjoyed the opportunity, saying “I’m really glad I attended the class. I now have a better idea of what life is like at the senior high school. My desire to enter Soka Gakuen has grown even stronger”. We also provided parents with information about the history of Soka Gakuen and financial assistance.