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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
August 27, 2012

Second term begins!

The opening ceremony to usher in the second term was held on August 20 (Mon.). The children of the sun, fresh from a summer vacation full of physical and mental growth, gathered together to kick off the new term. During the ceremony representatives from senior classes proudly spoke about the fun they had during summer vacation, as well as the goals they had set for the second term. Two teachers from Kansai Soka Elementary School, who were staying at the kindergarten for training, also took part in the ceremony and ran a special event featuring quizzes related to the elementary school. The two days at the kindergarten provided the guest teachers with valuable experience, during which time they enjoyed interacting with the children in the classroom, eating lunch and snacks together, and riding on the school bus.
Utility work was performed over the summer vacation, including the installation of air-conditioners in each nursery room and replacing the lights in the Prince and Princess Hall with light-emitting diodes (LEDs). In addition, two new school buses, named the “New Hope” and “New Nakayoshi”, went into operation this term. Changes were also made to the Nakayoshi Ground. The slide has been transformed into a tunnel slide, and the exercising bars have been replaced with new ones.
There are a lot of fun events coming up in the second term. The kindergarten will work hard to ensure no accidents occur and help the children enjoy their school life at the kindergarten. We humbly ask the parents for your continued support.

Guest teachers from Kansai Soka Elementary School

The“New Nakayoshi”school bus