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Kansai Campus
August 28, 2012

Joint workshop between Tokyo and Kansai Soka Elementary Schools

A joint workshop was held at Soka University of Japan on August 6 and 7 for teachers from Tokyo and Kansai Soka Elementary Schools. During the workshop a theme was set, and the participants took turns giving presentations about the efforts their school had implemented in relation to the specified theme. Following the presentations, the teachers discussed the various efforts that had been introduced and exchanged opinions. The teachers also had the opportunity to listen to the thoughts of professors from Soka University of Japan in line with the presentations, which provided them with greater insight into their own teaching methods.
After the teachers returned to their respective schools, they ran briefing sessions for teachers who were unable to attend the workshop to share information and describe what they had learned. This meaningful workshop provided teachers with a wonderful opportunity to acquire practical skills they can apply in their profession.