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Tokyo Campus
August 29, 2012

Soka Gakuen holds Science Summer School

The Tokyo and Kansai Soka Gakuen took part in the 15th Science Summer School, which was held from August 27 (Mon.) to 29 (Wed.) at the Faculty of Engineering buildings on Soka University of Japan in Hachioji City. A total of 25 eager students from the Tokyo schools, including 11 senior high school students and 14 junior high school students, attended this event. Professor Kazuhiro Watanabe, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, delivered a speech in the opening ceremony that kicked off the start of the lecture series. Soka Gakuen received a lot of positive feedback from participating students following the end of the three-day period. When asked for her thoughts about Science Summer School, one female first-year senior high school student stated, “I really appreciated the opportunity to take part in this three-day period of intensive learning. I was impressed by how nice the university students were, who kindly asked me if I was OK or if I had finished my work. That’s the type of university student I want to be”. One male first-year senior high school student also rated the experience highly. “All the experiments I did today were intriguing and quite fascinating”, he stated. “Thanks to the thorough instructions given in the first experiment class, I was able to enjoy ‘Android programming’. In the following lecture about calculating the circular constant, I listened to the description of how people did it in the past and then tried calculating it myself. That was an incredibly educational experience”. In addition to the lectures held during the day, recreational events were also organized in the evenings, where the students of the Soka schools from the Tokyo and Kansai areas deepened their sibling-like friendships.